Event Management

In addition to the conference administration mentioned in the previous section, with larger conferences there are additional sources of expertise to draw on to make the event a success.

These include:
  • Audio visual technician. This person will often be employed in-house or with an external audio visual company. It’s preferable to liaise with the technician directly to ensure he or she understands what is required as far as presentations/PA equipment/recording etc is concerned as they will be present on the day.
  • Photographers
  • Exhibition suppliers
  • Facilitators for group sessions
  • Report writers
  • Press officers or local press
  • Specialist caterers in cases of specific conferences

As the event management company we would be the liaison point for all the above services.

  • In addition, co-ordination of the following tasks would be necessary:
  • Call for abstracts from people wishing to exhibit or present at the conference
  • Organisation of exhibition displays to complement the conference
  • Liaising with local press where necessary
  • Liaison with speakers re their requirements
  • Monitoring budget throughout including issuing invoices, tracking payments, chasing where necessary
  • Collating post-conference evaluation reports and making presentations available on the website
  • Regular meetings or conference calls with conference planning group now.